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When life gives you lemons, tell a friend to bring vodka to make margaritas #Selfie #Workflow #ScarfGang

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I cannot describe how much this beautiful lady means to me. I am happy and thankful that I have her has a best friend, sister, and a mentor. Happy 23rd Birthday Squalley

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Can someone tell her to stop growing up real fast? She starting to make me feel real old. Happy Bday Nicki!!!

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I’ve been drinking, I’ve been drinking….. #DrunkInLove

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8 month old baby hearing his mother’s voice for the first time with cochlear implant

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So Im starting my January Challenge, and this is my meal. I had Kashi (Go Lean) Cereal, Lunch was Soup Joummou aka Pumpkin, and for dinner is Haitian meal without meat just Veggies. The pumpkin soup is a traditional soup for Haitians to celebrate our Independence Day.

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What I want to be?

I was inspired by the last episode of Awkward, a show from MTV network, the main character had to write a essay about what she wants to be. I really like the idea of what she wanted to be, so I am writting what I want to be and why.

  1. I want to be the girl to inspire others to be powerful. I want to show others that dreams can come true, but you have to work hard for it. I am pushing myself, so I can make something of myself. I don’t want my name to be just Abigail Thomas, but something that brings ringing to your ear that makes want to push yourself.
  2. I want to be fearless. One thing about me, I am a little scared to speak my opinion and say what I have to say because I do not want to hurt others. When I am asked about my opinion, someone always gets hurt. I want to be the girl to speak my mind and do not care what others think of me. The realest person is the one that is hated the most. I rather be hated for what I say, then someone who is loved by staying quiet.
  3. I want to be beautiful. Not based by looks, but based on my personality. I want to be have a beautiful spirit. I want to help others and be grateful of the things that I have. We always complaining of the things that we do not have, but I want to appreaciate of all the things that I have.
  4. I want to be a faithful woman. I want to love and have faith in God. I want to be the girl to not be afraid of things that come my way, because God is my refuge.
  5. I want to be a good loving friend, wife, mother, daughter, and teacher. I want to be a good person to my family and friends. I want to appreciate to have them in my life.
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